Grade 4/5/6

What is going on in Grade 4/5/6?

June 20, 2014
by malmsburyps

Our favourite board games

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On Thursday we had a board games day. Joseph, our music teacher, came in with lots of board games. One of the games was called Wings of Glory. The aim of the game is to fly your plane around using movement cards and get close enough to shoot your enemy’s planes. If your enemy got near enough and you were in front of them, depending on the distance, you would take 1 or 2 damage cards. the cards had random 0 to 5 damage levels and, if your card had a gun jam symbol whoever shot you couldn’t shoot for three turns. At the start of each round we all put down three movement cards, then we all moved our first movement, then the second, then the third.

We played lots of other games: Monopoly, Uno and Avalon. In Avalon, if you were the good guys you had to try and succeed at least  three quests out of five. The bad guys had to try and stop the good guys from succeeding in the quests while not being discovered.

Another game was Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers. Using tiles we had to create landscapes which included forests, creeks and hunting grounds. As we placed tiles we also placed our tribesmen to gather berries from forests, fish from creeks and hunters to hunt deer, mammoth and boar.

What is your favourite board game?

How is it played?

April 24, 2013
by malmsburyps

Grade 5/6 camp – Canoeing

The first activity we did at camp was canoeing. It was at the river and there was a lot of islands and bridges. We wore PFDs (personal flotation device), helmets and used paddles.

First we went past a reedy point and we rafted up. Rafting up is when  the first canoe  grabs onto something solid then the other canoes grab onto the first canoe. We then went up a bit further and rafted up again.

Next we went under a bridge. We had to lay down  in the canoe so as not to hit our heads.  Then we played a game. It was tiggy. The front person tagged other canoes with their paddle, which made them “it’”. When it ended we all paddled back. Canoeing was really fun.

Have you ever been canoeing or kayaking?
What is your favourite water sport?
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