Grade 4/5/6

What is going on in Grade 4/5/6?

May 8, 2015
by malmsburyps
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Brainy Bunch

Brainy Bunch May

This week we have started this reading program called the Brainy Bunch, where we choose a chapter book that we are going to read cover to cover. Aiming to finish the book in around 3 weeks. We each got our pictures taken and made into a display out the front of our classroom, it reminds us what book we are reading.

I’m (Thor) reading ‘What body part is that?’ written by Terry Denton and

illustrated by Andy Griffiths.

I’m (Jack T) reading ‘Too small to fail’ written Morris Gleitzman and illustrated by Michael Crampton.

By Thor and Jack T

What book are you reading?
Who is your favourite author and why?

March 23, 2015
by malmsburyps

Compare and Contrast


Today we compared and contrasted a diary about a cat and a dog. We read it together and then discussed what we noticed. We noticed that –

  • The dog’s diary has times, but the cat’s diary has paragraphs.
  • The dog’s diary is about times (it’s like a schedule), on the other hand the cat’s diary is about it’s thoughts and feelings.
  • One is about a dog and the other is about a cat.
  • The dog’s diary uses basic and repetitive text, where as the cat’s diary has more details and complex language.
  • They are both funny.
  • The dog likes everything, but the cat hates everything.
What clue words have we used in our points?
Write your own animal diary?

October 7, 2013
by malmsburyps

Welcome back to Term 4 and Tiger Quolls.

Today we read an article that was published in The Age newspaper over the holidays. Here is a link to the story

Before we read the article we predicted what we thought it would be about. The words “rarest of creatures” made us think it was going to be something that is not seen very often, an animal that is endangered or rare or even a dinosaur! The words “141 years on” made us think the animal hadn’t been seen for 141 years, which meant it probably wasn’t going to be a dinosaur.

The article was about a photo taken in the Grampians that showed a Tiger Quoll. We learnt that Tiger Quolls haven’t been seen in that area for 141 years and were thought not to live there anymore. After reading the article we had lots of questions about Tiger Quolls so we did some research. Here are our questions and answers.

  1. What do they eat? They eat small animals such as birds, worms, insects, rabbits, brush tailed possums, reptiles and even small wallabies.
  2. Where do they live? They live in the euculypt forests, rainforests and tree hollows, caves, small crevices, rock crevices, open woodlands, shrubbery, burrows. They were common throughout South Eastern Australia and Tasmania but are now rare.
  3. How big do they get? They can grow to 130cm in length, that includes the tail.
  4. How do they breed? When they are two years old they can mate. They mate in mid June and the babies are born in early July.
  5. How long do they live for? They live for 5-8 years.
  6. How do they sleep? They sleep curled up in a ball, a bit like dogs do.
  7. Are they nocturnal? Yes.
  8. How many are left in the wild? Estimated to be 20,000.
  9. Can they swim? Yes.
  10. Are they very vicious?  Yes, especially if you are a small animal and it is hunting you!
  11. Would they attack humans? No, they try to avoid them.
  12. Do they mark their territory? Yes, using urine.
  13. Do they hunt in packs? They are solitary animals so probably they don’t hunt in packs.
  14. How sharp are their claws? We’re not sure about this but we did find out they have sharp teeth!
  15. Are the males ones with spots? No, males and females have spots.

Can you add some more information about Tiger Quolls?

Do you think a Tiger Quoll would make a good pet?

February 27, 2013
by malmsburyps

‘Wonder’ – What we know about Via

Via is August’s older sister. We have just started reading the section of ‘Wonder’ where she is the narrator. Some of us are unsure whether we like the idea of different narrators. This is what we have learned so far about Via:
  • she doesn’t get as much attention as August
  • she loved her grandma with all her heart
  • she was her grandma’s “everything”
  • she doesn’t complain about the attention August receives but…
  • she is very self-reliant, has strong self-management skills
  • Via’s grandma understood that Via didn’t have the support that August had
  • Via loves her brother – she practiced having a baby brother with a doll
  • she gave kisses, hugs and cuddles to August all the time when he was a little baby
  • after her visit to her grandma’s, on returning home, she saw both versions of August – she felt guilty/ashamed that she had felt disgusted by August
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