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What is going on in Grade 4/5/6?

March 17, 2015
by malmsburyps

Australia: The Story Of Us


This year as part of our learning in History and Civics and Citizenship, we have been watching a show called Australia: Story of Us. Australia: The Story Of Us is a show all about the history of Australia. We have watched 5 episodes so far and plan to watch them all. During each episode we take notes and at the end we answer the quiz. It’s really Amazing how people risked their lives for other people and to help give us the world we have today. The show is very inspiring.

We have learned about The Death Fleet, WW1, AFL, Caroline Chisholm, Phar Lap and about the Kokoda track to name a few. My (Jack.T) favourite part was about the Sydney Harbour Bridge because the arches nearly didn’t link up which would’ve been a disaster. I (Jack P) liked the AFL part because the first mark was a speckie and I enjoy watching or playing football.

Written by Jack T and Jack P

What is your favourite segment of Australia: The Story of Us so far? Why?
What is an interesting fact about your favourite character or topic?

October 16, 2013
by malmsburyps

Mt William Stone Axe Quarry excursion

Today we visited the Mt William Stone Axe Quarry. We learnt how the Wurundjeri people use to gather a special type of rock called greenstone which was used to create axe heads. They were a very important tool for the indigenous people.

Other tribes would travel from far away to trade items for the greenstone. They would light a fire on a nearby hill to communicate their wish to trade. Items traded were possum skins, boomerangs, clapsticks, and other valuable objects.

It is very difficult to make a stone axe as it requires many hours of chipping and grinding the stone. Willie, an elder of the Wurundjeri people told us that he had attempted to grind an axe head the traditional way (by hand) but after more than four hours it looked the same. So he used modern methods – an angle grinder.

What significant Aboriginal sites have you visited?

What is an everyday tool that you couldn’t survive without, and why?

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