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What is going on in Grade 4/5/6?

March 17, 2015
by malmsburyps
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Inventions – Genius Hour

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This term, the grade 5/6’s watched an episode of Shark Tank. Shark Tank is about Entrepreneurs that need an investor to put their money into their invention. If the investors ‘Sharks’ like the product, they will make an offer. Then if they choose an investor to work with them, they will hopefully make a successful business.

After watching the first episode, Tara thought of an idea. We each made our own invention from homework, and presented it to the class. Saying what it did, how it was made, and who we thought would use it. The week after we had an inventions genius hour, we could either make a model (that may or may not actually work), or one that is the ‘real deal.’ After we presented our inventions before we took them home.

Written by Tess

Have you ever made your own invention? What was it?
What do you think is the most important invention?

March 12, 2013
by malmsburyps

Our first Genius Hour

Genius Hour Grade 5+6 March 2013 from Malmsbury Primary on Vimeo.

In grade 5/6 we have been working on Genius Hour. Genius Hour is a time in the week when you think about something to make or create and work on it for an hour (we do it for 2 hours). You need to plan carefully what you are going to do before the actual ‘Genius Hour’ so you have all the materials and equipment you need. Here’s what some of our students thought about their first Genius Hour:


Yesterday we had our first ‘Genius Hour’ session. We spent 2 hours on our projects.

I worked with Madi and we made a short film about a student who can’t focus on their work for a long period of time. We had to do some planning. We had to work together to work out what she was going to do.

I found it challenging when we plugged the camera into the Netbook and the short film wouldn’t download onto the Netbook properly. It was also annoying when Deb (the office lady) stuck her tongue out at Madi and made her laugh when she was supposed to be serious.

It was good because there wasn’t anything we had to prepare before the day. It was really good when we finished it after 2 takes and it was good enough to publish.

By Erin


In my genius hour I cooked choc chip cookies. It took all the hour but it was lots of fun. The recipe said 10-12 minutes to cook but it took about 30. The hardest bit was mixing all the ingredients together.

I worked with Jude. While they were cooking we looked for other recipes to cook next time. We’re hoping that next time we can cook with palm sugar. One of the recipes we found was palm sugar balls. Lee-Anne helped us cook it.

The recipe includes: self-raising flour, caster sugar, brown sugar, 1 egg, vanilla essence, choc chips and butter.

The cookies tasted good. We made about 30, some for the teachers and some for the grade. Some were big but some were small. The most annoying bit was cleaning up. We had to wash all the dishes and the teachers had some things that needed drying. Jude washed and I dried. There were all different spots to put them so Lee-Anne showed us where they went.

By David


For our first Genius Hour Miles and I are making a Pivot Stickfigure animation. It is about two stick men that see a stereo fall down from the sky. It shoots out two rainbow lightning bolts that hit them and they start flashing colours.

We still haven’t finished because it’s really hard to keep the stick men changing colours each frame. We’ve only done 175 frames, that is only about 20 seconds. We are aiming for a minute and a half. At first we were going to make a movie but then I suggested doing a Pivot Stickfigure animation. Miles didn’t know what Pivot was so I showed him. He thought it was cool because it was easier to do then a movie. All you need is a computer with Pivot on it and you’re done. It takes a really long time to do. If you want to make it look really realistic you have to move it just a tiny bit and then click the next frame button but if you do it right in the end it will look really cool.

By Pasquale


For the first genius hour I worked with Joshua. We made a model skate park. We didn’t really follow the design. It was hard to make the ramps. We made most of the ramps at home. Joshua didn’t do much because he had a broken arm. We made it with balsa wood, sticky tape and we spray painted it Sky blue. We cut it with a Stanley knife.

We also made skate boards out of balsa wood. We put the blutack on the top to stick our fingers to the top of the skate board.

By Tom

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