Grade 4/5/6

What is going on in Grade 4/5/6?

August 3, 2012
by malmsburyps

Exploring 3 Dimensional Shapes

Grade 5/6 have been looking at 3 dimensional shapes and learning to identify the number of faces, edges and vertices. We used Frameworks building shapes to create spheres, cubes, square based pyramids, triangular and rectangular prisms. We also used a collection of different shaped boxes to discover the nets of the shapes. We had fun with some online interactive activities that helped us to identify 3 dimensional shapes and use problem solving skills to complete problems involving the shapes and their characteristics.

What are some other 3 Dimensional shapes that you know?

Why is it important to learn about 3 Dimensional shapes?

May 15, 2012
by malmsburyps

Recycling is the answer to our problems


I believe that recycling is the answer to our problems.

It helps our environment by not burying rubbish. If we bury rubbish in the ground, the rubbish slowly breaks up and most of the time, chemicals get into the ground and water. It can take hundreds of years for some things to break down!

It can save us money because we don’t have to buy more products.  The more we recycle things the more money we are saving.

Recycling is a growing business and lots of people are getting work in recycling places. The more we recycle the more jobs there will be.

So please recycle because not only will it help our environment it helps us too.


By Chelsea

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