Grade 4/5/6

What is going on in Grade 4/5/6?

April 24, 2013
by malmsburyps

Introduction to Anglesea Camp

Last week grade 5/6 travelled to Anglesea Recreation Camp for a four day camp.

Angelsea is a small town on the Victorian coast, about two and a half hours from Malmsbury.

It takes an hour to walk to the beach from the campsite. The cabins have two or three bunk beds, a heater, a toilet, and shower. There is a lot of trees around the camp. They have a gym with sports equipment like soccer balls, basketballs and bounce balls. In our home room there was a big projector where we watched a movie. Our home room was also where we had breakfast and dinner.

Here is a map of the route we took to camp:

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April 18, 2013
by malmsburyps

Anglesea Camp

This week we have been at Anglesea for the Grade 5/6 camp. It’s been great fun doing activities like canoeing, skateboarding, vertical challenge and beach carnival. We’re looking forward to getting home to our own beds. More detail next week.

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