Grade 4/5/6

What is going on in Grade 4/5/6?

September 15, 2016
by malmsburyps

Term 3 – Writing and the Daffodil Parade

One of our focuses in writing has been on explanations. The 5/6’s did a fantastic job at researching and developing their explanations. Some of the topics included how and why chameleons change their colour, how sound travels under water, how certain animals have become extinct and how some different science experiments work. We displayed them in our classroom for everyone to read.


Our most recent success was our music performance on the truck at the Daffodil Parade! Some of the Grade 5/6’s performed while riding on the back of a truck along the streets of Kyneton. They did an excellent job representing our school and playing Spring Gully Jive that was composed by Andy Rigby.


We are looking forward to all of the exciting things that Term 4 has in store!

What was your favourite part of the Kyneton Daffodil and Arts Festival?


March 23, 2015
by malmsburyps

Compare and Contrast


Today we compared and contrasted a diary about a cat and a dog. We read it together and then discussed what we noticed. We noticed that –

  • The dog’s diary has times, but the cat’s diary has paragraphs.
  • The dog’s diary is about times (it’s like a schedule), on the other hand the cat’s diary is about it’s thoughts and feelings.
  • One is about a dog and the other is about a cat.
  • The dog’s diary uses basic and repetitive text, where as the cat’s diary has more details and complex language.
  • They are both funny.
  • The dog likes everything, but the cat hates everything.
What clue words have we used in our points?
Write your own animal diary?

July 26, 2012
by malmsburyps
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My recommendation for a holiday activity would be Melton Wave Pool.

It is awesome. By not coming, you’re missing out on a lot!

Here are some great reasons why you should experience the Melton Wave Pool:

1. Not only is there amazing wave pool with massive waves, there 4 pools in one big centre. A baby pool, wave pool, adult pool and a pool for just swimming laps are included.

2. It’s a low price for a whole lot of fun! Kids are only $8, adults are $12, a family ticket costs $25 which is 2 adults and 2 kids, but best of all any kid under 5 years old is free.

3. During holidays there are extra fun things like a giant inflatable obstacle course and a Tarzan rope.

Why go to the beach when there are bigger and better waves here?

By Shaelee.

May 15, 2012
by malmsburyps

Recycling is the answer to our ploblems


Recycling is better for our environment because by re-using things in our lives it helps to make a healthy planet.

Food scraps are good for worms and by having a compost bin we can recycle our food scraps that might normally be thrown out in to landfill.

The worms helps to break the scraps down and add good things to the soil this can save us money on fertilisers.

We can recycle things instead of buying new. Like plastic containers, aluminium cans, paper, cardboard and metals. This will create new jobs in recycle centres and less landfill sites.

I hope I have helped you to agree recycling is the answer.

By Darcy.

May 15, 2012
by malmsburyps

Recycling is the answer to our problems

I agree that recycling is
the answer to our problems.

I believe it helps the environment if you recycle. When
we recycle paper we don’t have to cut down trees to make paper. That means
there are trees left for animals to live in. When you save trees you also help
our environment as trees give us oxygen to breathe and when we save trees we
have forests.

When we recycle there is less rubbish lying around to
pollute the land and water.

Recycling can save you money. When you reuse things you don’t
have to spend money on buying new things.

Recycling is the answer to our problems, so you should recycle.


By Marc.

May 15, 2012
by malmsburyps

Recycling is the answer to our problems


I believe that recycling is the answer to our problems.

It helps our environment by not burying rubbish. If we bury rubbish in the ground, the rubbish slowly breaks up and most of the time, chemicals get into the ground and water. It can take hundreds of years for some things to break down!

It can save us money because we don’t have to buy more products.  The more we recycle things the more money we are saving.

Recycling is a growing business and lots of people are getting work in recycling places. The more we recycle the more jobs there will be.

So please recycle because not only will it help our environment it helps us too.


By Chelsea

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