Grade 4/5/6

What is going on in Grade 4/5/6?

June 4, 2015
by malmsburyps


2015-06-01 15.07.34This week we helped our buddies with Craftanoon. We were learning to weave paper. How do you weave paper you ask, well it’s easy.

1. Fold one piece of paper in half (portrait)

2. Cut almost all the way up using scissors, 1 cm apart and leave 1 cm at the top. Make sure you cut from the middle, where the paper is folded.

3. Cut the other piece of paper into strips, the other way so they are short

4. Use one of the strips to weave in and out of the other piece of paper, under and over, under and over

5. Glue the end down

6. Do the same with the next strip but the opposite, over then under, over then under

7. Repeat steps 4 – 6 until you’ve finished

What other craft activities could we make?
What is your favourite craft activity?

May 7, 2013
by malmsburyps

Palette knife portraits

Today in Art we created portraits of a classmate by using a palette knife to apply the paint. Paul advised us not to use too much paint or “you’ll kill it” (too much paint would mean the colours would end up all thick and brown). It was challenging to create the right shape of the face with the palette knife. I painted Ethan’s portrait. I was pleased with the final product.    ~ Jake E. ~

February 21, 2013
by malmsburyps

Random Acts of Kindness week

For ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ week we brainstormed ideas for signs that we could create and display on the main road through Malmsbury. Our ideas were:

And here are some of our finished signs at work with the help of three of our grade 6 students:

What message would you put on a ‘Random Act of Kindness’ sign?
 What other things could we do as ‘Random Acts of Kindness’?
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