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What is going on in Grade 4/5/6?

June 24, 2015
by malmsburyps
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Life Education Van

2015-06-22 10.40.38Yesterday (Monday the 24th) the grade 5/ 6s went to the Life Education van to learn about drugs and what affect they have on you. We played all sorts of games for example, a game where we had to sort out which drugs were stimulants and depressants. Another game we played is where we had to sort out if they had drugs in them or they were drug free. We watched a video about this girl called Maya and her friends went to a party with her sister Mel who got drunk, we had to decide the least risky option to get home. We decided to call the parents was the safest option. At the end of the the session we got to meet Harold the Giraffe. Written by Dom and Thor

What is something you learnt from the session?
Give an example of a drug we learnt about? Is it a depressant or a stimulant?
What is a strategy you could use to deal with a peer pressure situation?

March 17, 2015
by malmsburyps

Responsible Pet Program

2015-03-16 12.28.50

On Monday the 16th we completed a Responsible Pet Program session. Sharon and Chester came in to talk to us about being a responsible pet owner.

One important thing we learnt was what to do if an angry dog approaches us.

Step 1 – Stand still: because if you start running the dog will panic and chase after you.

Step 2 – Hands down: If your hands are in the air the dog will think you’re trying to harm it, if your hands are in your pockets the dog will think you’re hiding something and will attack you.

Step 3 – Quiet as a mouse: Dogs have better hearing than us, so yelling will hurt their ears and it would alarm them.

Step 4 – Look at the ground: Dog’s find it very offensive if you stare them in the eyes so they will get very angry. Then wait until the dog goes away.


We also learnt how to approach a happy dog, and that we need to ask the owners permission to pet their dog.

Step 1 – Walk up slowly and stop. You should be a lead length away.

Step 2 – Ask the owners permission. If you don’t ask the owner the dog may get scared.

Step 3 – Let the dog smell the back of your hand (closed fist, thumb in), so they can identify you.

Step 4 – Step to the side of the dog and stroke gently from the collar to the start of the tail. This way the dog will not get scared and you are safely away from their head.


My favourite part was when we got to meet Chester, he licked me -Tahlia

My favourite part was all of it, because I had so much fun doing it. Especially when Chester licked my hand.-Jasmyn

Written by Tahlia and Jasmyn

Do you have any pets at home? How many and what types?
What animal makes the best pet and why?
If you could have any animal as a pet, what would you choose and why?

March 17, 2015
by malmsburyps
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Inventions – Genius Hour

2015-02-19 11.54.06

This term, the grade 5/6’s watched an episode of Shark Tank. Shark Tank is about Entrepreneurs that need an investor to put their money into their invention. If the investors ‘Sharks’ like the product, they will make an offer. Then if they choose an investor to work with them, they will hopefully make a successful business.

After watching the first episode, Tara thought of an idea. We each made our own invention from homework, and presented it to the class. Saying what it did, how it was made, and who we thought would use it. The week after we had an inventions genius hour, we could either make a model (that may or may not actually work), or one that is the ‘real deal.’ After we presented our inventions before we took them home.

Written by Tess

Have you ever made your own invention? What was it?
What do you think is the most important invention?

February 21, 2014
by malmsburyps

Grade 5/6 band is active!

The Grade 5/6 band 2014 performed in public for the first time at school assembly this afternoon. Joseph’s conducting makes the piece seem entirely improvised but the musicians themselves know the amount of time spent in rehearsals… Click below to watch and hear!

What did you enjoy most about the performance footage?

In what ways would you like to see Grade 5/6 band 2014 hone their performance skills?

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