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What is going on in Grade 4/5/6?

March 29, 2017
by malmsburyps

Term 1 2017

This term has absolutely flown by with all of the exciting things we’ve been doing.

We had our House Captains and School Captains inducted at an assembly by MP Mary-Anne Thomas and the 4/5/6’s performed our class song.

Grade 4/5/6's perform their take of Can't Stop the Feeling for Mary-Anne Thomas.

Posted by Malmsbury Primary School on Sunday, 5 March 2017

Our Malmsbury Environmental Action League learnt how to conduct a waste and biodiversity audit.

Volunteers from the Kyneton Sports and Aquatic Centre came and ran a soccer clinic with us.

We went on a whole school excursion to the Castlemaine State Festival and the Grade 4/5/6’s listened to a visiting artist talk about creating art with recycled materials. The students then participated in an art workshop where they made their own abstract masks and could incorporate cable ties into their artwork.

Looking forward to another exciting term!

What was something exciting you did or learnt in Term 1?

May 8, 2015
by malmsburyps

Orientation Day at KSC


On Thursday the 23rd of April Grade 5/6 went to Kyneton Secondary College for a pre-orientation day. First we had a tour of the school where we found out about the school. Then we had sport and we played D-Ball, the blue team won 86-72 over the green team. Then we had recess where we could do whatever we wanted. For 3rd period we had french and she taught us some new actions to french words. After that we had science and we got to make toothpaste out of flavouring, salt, bicarb soda, colour dye and sugar if we wanted to. We then tested them to see how they tasted, the majority of the toothpastes tasted horrible. For our last period we had english where we made a label for our toothpaste to advertise it. In all it was a good day where we got to learn about a high school experience!!

By Dom and Jack P

What are you looking forward to most at High School? (Not the canteen)
What will you miss most about Primary School?

March 23, 2015
by malmsburyps

Castlemaine State Festival

2015-03-19 10.51.02

On Thursday (19th March) the whole school went to the Castlemaine State Festival. We saw a show about dinosaurs, we did a dance and song workshop, we did an art activity and had a tour of the art gallery and museum.

Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo – First we watched a show that was about Australian dinosaurs (they were puppets). Michael was the presenter of the show. First Natalie and Eddie got to meet the baby dinosaurs. Then a huge dragonfly flew onto stage and into the crowd, some of us got to touch him. We also saw a dinosaur that looked like a big emu and another that had a long neck (only its head could fit on the stage). Michael had forgotten to feed the babies Mum, she had escaped and walked onto stage and scared everyone. At the end we checked we still had all our limbs, which we did. It was amazing!

Dance and Song Workshop – Bernie began his show ‘Mana’ by telling us about his genealogy (his ancestry, where his family has come from). He then taught us a song that used sign language   (Auslan) that was about ‘climbing the ladder’. He also did dances from New Zealand (Hakka) and Hawaii. He did a fantastic dance using 7 hoops to make different animals, like snake, butterfly and bee. We finished with a hip hop dance.

Art Activity – We did an art activity about Australian birds. We drew them using pens, water pencils and a water brush.

Then we finished with the tours before we went back to school. It was an amazing, educational and tiring day.

What was your favourite activity and why?

Where has your family come from? What is your genealogy?

Bernie talked about how each hoop represents a challenge. What is one challenge you have faced in your life and how did you overcome it?


November 8, 2013
by malmsburyps

T20 Cricket competition

Today Erin, Shay, Miles, Connor, Jude, Jake E, Coby, Jeremy, Percy and Joshua travelled to Gisborne to compete in the T20 Milo Cricket competition. We played 3 matches.

Our first match was against Mt Macedon. All our players played well which gave us a good start to the day. One of the highlights in the first match was the batting from Coby and Jake, both hitting some big sixes straight down the ground. Final scores were Malmsbury 190 – Mt Macedon P.S. 63.

In the second round we came up against Kismet Primary School, a tougher challenge. It was a very close contest with some excellent fielding by both sides – a highlight being Shay’s marvellous catch. Connor bowled particularly well, taking 2 wickets. The batting was a good team effort. Final scores were Malmsbury 110 – Kismet 101.

Our third and final match was our toughest challenge, coming up against Sunbury No. 3 team. They were really good fielders and excellent hitters off the tee. Many times they hit sixes straight down the ground. Miles bowled a very tight over, with the opposition scoring off just one delivery. Many of our players wished we had wooden bats similar to our opponents as it seemed to be an advantage, particularly with free hits off the tee. Final scores were Malmsbury 71 – Sunbury 183.

It was a fun day with all our players trying their best. Thanks to Sue for helping with the transport. We look forward to beating our aggregate score of 371 at next year’s competition.

Do you have a favourite cricket story?

Please share your cricket highlights with us

October 16, 2013
by malmsburyps

Mt William Stone Axe Quarry excursion

Today we visited the Mt William Stone Axe Quarry. We learnt how the Wurundjeri people use to gather a special type of rock called greenstone which was used to create axe heads. They were a very important tool for the indigenous people.

Other tribes would travel from far away to trade items for the greenstone. They would light a fire on a nearby hill to communicate their wish to trade. Items traded were possum skins, boomerangs, clapsticks, and other valuable objects.

It is very difficult to make a stone axe as it requires many hours of chipping and grinding the stone. Willie, an elder of the Wurundjeri people told us that he had attempted to grind an axe head the traditional way (by hand) but after more than four hours it looked the same. So he used modern methods – an angle grinder.

What significant Aboriginal sites have you visited?

What is an everyday tool that you couldn’t survive without, and why?

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