Grade 4/5/6

What is going on in Grade 4/5/6?

Orientation Day at KSC



On Thursday the 23rd of April Grade 5/6 went to Kyneton Secondary College for a pre-orientation day. First we had a tour of the school where we found out about the school. Then we had sport and we played D-Ball, the blue team won 86-72 over the green team. Then we had recess where we could do whatever we wanted. For 3rd period we had french and she taught us some new actions to french words. After that we had science and we got to make toothpaste out of flavouring, salt, bicarb soda, colour dye and sugar if we wanted to. We then tested them to see how they tasted, the majority of the toothpastes tasted horrible. For our last period we had english where we made a label for our toothpaste to advertise it. In all it was a good day where we got to learn about a high school experience!!

By Dom and Jack P

What are you looking forward to most at High School? (Not the canteen)
What will you miss most about Primary School?

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