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What is going on in Grade 4/5/6?

Brainy Bunch

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Brainy Bunch May

This week we have started this reading program called the Brainy Bunch, where we choose a chapter book that we are going to read cover to cover. Aiming to finish the book in around 3 weeks. We each got our pictures taken and made into a display out the front of our classroom, it reminds us what book we are reading.

I’m (Thor) reading ‘What body part is that?’ written by Terry Denton and

illustrated by Andy Griffiths.

I’m (Jack T) reading ‘Too small to fail’ written Morris Gleitzman and illustrated by Michael Crampton.

By Thor and Jack T

What book are you reading?
Who is your favourite author and why?

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  1. My favourite author is Judy Blume because she writes like shes had the same experience as the main character in the book.

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