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What is going on in Grade 4/5/6?

Castlemaine State Festival


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On Thursday (19th March) the whole school went to the Castlemaine State Festival. We saw a show about dinosaurs, we did a dance and song workshop, we did an art activity and had a tour of the art gallery and museum.

Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo – First we watched a show that was about Australian dinosaurs (they were puppets). Michael was the presenter of the show. First Natalie and Eddie got to meet the baby dinosaurs. Then a huge dragonfly flew onto stage and into the crowd, some of us got to touch him. We also saw a dinosaur that looked like a big emu and another that had a long neck (only its head could fit on the stage). Michael had forgotten to feed the babies Mum, she had escaped and walked onto stage and scared everyone. At the end we checked we still had all our limbs, which we did. It was amazing!

Dance and Song Workshop – Bernie began his show ‘Mana’ by telling us about his genealogy (his ancestry, where his family has come from). He then taught us a song that used sign language   (Auslan) that was about ‘climbing the ladder’. He also did dances from New Zealand (Hakka) and Hawaii. He did a fantastic dance using 7 hoops to make different animals, like snake, butterfly and bee. We finished with a hip hop dance.

Art Activity – We did an art activity about Australian birds. We drew them using pens, water pencils and a water brush.

Then we finished with the tours before we went back to school. It was an amazing, educational and tiring day.

What was your favourite activity and why?

Where has your family come from? What is your genealogy?

Bernie talked about how each hoop represents a challenge. What is one challenge you have faced in your life and how did you overcome it?



  1. My favourite activity was Mana. I thought it was pretty awesome how he made all those awesome animals and plants out of the hoops.
    My mum says that I am half Italian/Australian and European.
    Talking to a crowd, I overcame my challenge by taking a deap breath and pretending that they were invisible.

  2. My favourite activity was the dancing because we got to learn new dances like the climbing the ladder song and the one how he made animals out of hula hoops.

  3. My favourite activity was the dinosaur show. My favourite dinosaur was the mother dinosaur, because she was big and tried to eat the people in the front row.

  4. My Dad came from Macedon and my Grandma came from Scotland.

  5. My challenge was playing football. If it wasn’t from my Dad I wouldn’t be playing it now. I learnt to kick by myself and now I really love footy. GO TIGERS!

  6. Australia: The Story Of Us is intresting and inspiring. I liked the segment about Phar Lap and how he was walking through an alleyway with a kid riding past him and somebody tried to shoot Phar Lap, but he missed and shot the wall. After that he won all of the races until he got sick.

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